A horrible hack

Black Bombaim

Far Out

Year Released: 2014
Format: LP
Label: Cardinal Fuzz - Lovers and Lollipops
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on May 26, 2014
Song one – Africa.

Song two – Arabia.

This music is fuzzy like a new peach.

I remember when I was the only person to have heard of Can. It was a wonderful period in my life where I travelled the world like a Jesuit missionary, preaching to everyone who would listen about this extraordinary collection of musicians from Cologne who bought a castle and made driving, spiraling avant-garde noise influenced by everything they’d ever smelt.

These days of course, largely thanks to my tireless work, everyone in the world has heard of Can and everyone knows how brilliant they are. Black Bombain have certainly heard of Can and have decided to pay tribute to them, not by ripping them off and pretending to be them, but by using their methods as a starting point from which to begin exploring their own musical ideas.

If you like Can or Mahavishnu, you’ll probably like this.

If you don’t like Can or Mahavishnu, you’re an imbecile.

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