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Primitive Man - Hexis


Year Released: 2014
Format: 10"
Label: Halo Of Flies
Reviewed by Sean Haughton on May 29, 2014
god damn this is heavy. at some point after they released their full-length, primitive man stepped it up into a new level. their split with xaphan was the first time i'd been truly excited about two new(ish) metal/hardcore bands in a while and i'm glad to see that they're continuing to ramp up the intensity. here they offer up one 8-minute sludge metal punisher which is a total rollercoaster dynamically. one thing primitive man's more recent output has really nailed for me is transitioning several times without it feeling pieced together and incorporating more changes in pace to keep it interesting. fucking punishing. really excited about this band's next album. i think they're touring the UK soon, and i would make it a point to see them.

hexis' side is again one song, and is probably the best recorded output i've heard from them. also pushing 8-minutes plus, their song ditches any of the post-metal and atmospheric elements they've previously incorporated (while still feeling familiar to their previous stuff) and goes a way more direct route. the first 4 minutes are relentless black metal that slips into a crushingly slow feedback-heavy beating. i'm sure somewhere the kind of basement dwelling CHUDs who jerk off to varg vikernes' every word are posting on message boards about how this isn't legitimate black metal, which is always a mark that something is worth a listen. comes with a no-driving-glove guarantee.

if we're picking sides i'd say the primitive man song really swings it for me here, but if your tastes are leant more towards the side of face paint and snow covered forests i'm sure the hexis side is going to be of interest. killer split.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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