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Revenge Surgery


Year Released: 2014
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by MH on Jun 1, 2014
Revenge Surgery are currently a two-piece playing some bedroom, lo-fi stuff and come from Melbourne and Brisbane. The female vocals that lead this come from Anna who is also in Brisbane's Major Leagues and the vocals here are laced with a minor lethargy and subdued edge. The male vocals come from Fergus Miller who pretty much is Bored Nothing (very much worth looking Bored Nothing up if you like a bit of indie with an Elliott Smith, Teenage Fanclub influence). The opener is replete with downbeat, bummed-out lyrics and suggests they like a bit of Sebadoh. There are a couple of fairly delicate tracks on this EP that you could throw a lazy Waxahatchee reference at although "Liver and Gravy" is heavy on the melancholy again and has me reaching into my memory and failing to find a comparison. It reminds me strongly of someone in the vocals and it's been nagging me all day but I can't pinpoint who. I've failed you. The last song "Everything sticks to you" brings the indie rock again. I'm giving them full marks here for getting backing vocals from at least one dog at the start of this song. Also, for getting birds chirping on to the previous song. The interplay between both sets of understated vocals as well as the 90s feel throughout the six tracks is what really draws me in. I also like the super bummed-out lyrics which are in stark contrast to the more optimistic, dreamy lyrics of Major Leagues. I can see this expanding into a full band at some stage but who knows? I like what's going on here - keen for more of this.

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