A horrible hack

Not Tonight And The Headaches

Love​.​. And Other Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Year Released: 2014
Format: CD
Label: Boss Tuneage
Reviewed by Norrie Sills on Jun 5, 2014
Summer is upon us, and summer is the time to listen to pop punk. The cover of the CD has lovely cartoon art work of the band as super heroes. The insert tray has a picture of the band all smiling. There is no evidence that any of them have ever suffered tooth decay. Their teeth are super white. They look very happy. Ok, the music is well played and well produced pop punk of the Californian sunshine state variety, think All, The Descendents etc. minus any strain of the obnoxiousness that still allowed them to call themselves punks. Lyrically the band seem to be very focused on love going wrong songs, if I’m totally honest if I was a girl and I was one of their girlfriends I would continually cheat on them with members of any local band that was a bit more “bad boy”. If Not Tonight were honest they wouldn’t come and punch the person I’d been cheating on them with, instead they would write a song called “I’m better off without you.” To be honest this was fine to boom out while driving down the motorway, they have some nice hooks and they can play, I just struggled with their lyrics and American accents, the band are from Cleethorpes. They should have a song about UFO’s. Just a bit too sugary for me, I suppose would have appreciated a couple of songs about alcoholism, drug addiction or even arson. They’ll probably stone me if I enter Cleethorpes.

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