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Ninemiles - Bogatzke

Ninemiles & Bogatzke

Year Released: 2014
Format: CD
Label: Midira Records
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Jun 12, 2014
This appears to be a split album between the two aforementioned ambient/drone artists, recently made available for nothing on the internet.

Sonically the ninemiles half is as dense and unremitting as you would expect from two artists willing to give everything they do away for nothing, although lighter moments do arrive courtesy of the occasional xylophone interludes.

Bogatzke meanwhile offer four tracks of what (in the mid-nineties) would have been referred to as, “comedown music”. Gentle, rhythmic instrumental sounds that wouldn’t have felt out of place on one of the MoWax Headz compilations.

Visually, they might like to throw their net a little wider than Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra when choosing the artwork for their album covers, but this is a minor gripe when placed alongside the thumping/delicate intricacies of the music that at times was reminiscent of early Sun Araw.

This album was actually released last summer and there’s plenty of other stuff to be engaged by on their Bandcamp page. Go and be engaged.

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