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I am a Man with a San Tropez Tan

Get Up Get Up

Year Released: 2014
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Jun 30, 2014
In another famous musical project with a similar name, R.N. Marley implored listeners to “get up” for the expressed purpose of, “standing up for their rights” and not “giving up the fight” – which makes the title of this new album from The Man With the San Tropez Tan all the more interesting, as it appears to be espousing the idea of, “getting up” for the sole purpose of getting up, with no socio-political element implied.

Let’s analyse the act of “getting up” before we go on to look at whether or not the act of “getting up” can ever be considered an end in itself. To begin with, here’s Geoffrey Boycott explaining his theory on “getting up”.

“When you get up in the morning what do you do? You get out of bed properly and that means all the way out of it. Get right out of the bed! No half measures, you must get your whole body out of the bed, right out from under the sheets, right off the mattress until you’re standing up. You won’t get anywhere slouching about half out of bed… Remember, the best technique is to look at that bed and then try and get as far away from it as possible.”

What Boycs would make of this new album from San Tropez Man, I’m afraid we’ll never know as he’s too busy waffling on about some bullshit somewhere or other. What I think of this new album from San Tropez Man is the following – it’s a heady mix of upbeat, synthesized rhythms and slow-paced noodlings, with Track 4, “Back in the Park Again” a particular highpoint. Some of it is a little reminiscent of those songs William Orbit made with the All Saints all those years ago, but perhaps in a way that’s a good thing?

When Roger Waters went on holiday to San Tropez, he wrote about, “sleeping alone in the drone of the darkness”. I wonder what would happen if San Tropez Man went on holiday to Roger Waters? Maybe he did and this album is the result.

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