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Modo Eterno

Year Released: 2014
Format: LP
Label: BCore
Reviewed by Bob Alderdice on Jul 21, 2014
Hailing from Valencia, it would seem (according to the press release) that Cuello are a bit of a super-group! Frontman, Jose Guerrero, a prolific contributor to the Spanish underground music scene (Betunizer, Jupiter Lion, La Orquestra del Caballo Ganador, Rastrejo), is joined by drummer, Oscar Mezquita (Derrota, Zanussi); guitarist, Ubaldo Fambuena (Los Tracahombres); and bassist, Nick Perry (Tucan, Obleans). Apparently, the band started when Guerrero, tired with the world of psychedelia, improvisation and experimental music, decided that he just wanted to play in a good-old, straight-forward melodic punk band. Hardcore drummer and self-professed Belle & Sebastian lover, Oscar Mezquita joined him and, thus, Cuello was born.

However, to say that they are just a straight-forward melodic punk band would be to massively under-sell them. The band compare themselves to Husker Du and Sonic Youth but also to Blue-Album- era Weezer. The press release states that Cuello are Ďpure rock, no frills, no complicationsí but I couldnít disagree more. This is far from basic pop-punk. There really is loads going on, making these guys far from predictable and thoroughly enjoyable.

In truth, when I listen to this band, I just get the overriding impression that they are just making the music that they enjoy. Not for a certain scene or crowd. Not to imitate anyone else. Purely to satisfy their own creative desires. Thatís probably why I enjoy this album so much.

Itís definitely punk. Itís definitely good. Iím not sure that I could classify it into one sub-genre, though, and thatís definitely a good thing.

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