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Lore City

Kill Your Dreams

Year Released: 2014
Format: LP
Label: Already Dead Tapes - 1980 Records
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Jul 21, 2014
Forty-three minutes and sixteen seconds; shame really that it wasnít forty-three minutes and seventeen seconds, as that would have provided a rather nice homage to The Cure, a band which must surely have played at some time in the artistís bedroom when they were growing up.

Itís all quite moody in Lore City, with lots of swirling whooshes, guitar strumming and someone, somewhere beating a drum with their hands; itís decent though, I donít wish to do them a disservice as it reminds a little of some of the Paisley Underground records, which is always a welcome thing.

Scanning about the internet, I came across the following review which I felt bordered slightly on the verbose, see what you think:

"The living and the dead are an infinite wonder of connections and creative thought. To kill your dreams is a supplementary and imaginably deeper wonder as to how those connections can be reinforced or perhaps even nullified. On the release, ďKill Your Dreams,Ē the Chicago-based musical group, Lore City, is prolonging that wonder to allow more room for their creative thought as well as add endurance for where simple existence could go.Ē

So if that sounds like your thing, enlightenment is available for 79p per song on iTunes or you can buy wholesale redemption on 12Ē vinyl for about £10.

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