A horrible hack


Resurrected Under Condemnation

Year Released: 2014
Format: CD
Label: At War With False Noise - Filthy Rex
Reviewed by Gareth L on Aug 14, 2014
Cripes. With a name like Filthpact I wasn't expecting Belle & Sebastian but this is downright bloody savage. Twenty tracks of pissed off, unrelenting crust-filled hardcore. The band have been around a while and this is a compilation of what they've been up to in the last couple of years. Not sure how their earlier stuff compares (although they get very positive reviews here, so they must be good) but on this CD there is little dip in quality throughout the 37 minutes. Lyrics deal with everything from the (lack of) ethics in horse racing to Scottish independence, to Maggie chuffin' Thatcher, and yet within the vitriol there are also solutions, ideas, and even hope, often missing from this style of music but very welcome. 'Parading as Punk' is surely the best of the best, I can't think of many better ways a crust band could use 85 seconds.

I could do without the Thin Lizzy and Motorhead covers which detract from the overall power of the rest of the tracks, especially as there are 3 covers in a row, but that nitpick aside, this is a winner.

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