A horrible hack

Aram Bajakian and Julia Ulehla


Year Released: 2014
Format: CD
Label: self released
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Sep 8, 2014

This collection of songs was apparently written over one hundred years ago by a Czechoslovakian biologist (the great-grandfather of the singer) who was so enchanted by the music of a small Moravian village at the western hem of the Carpathians that he decided to preserve it forever.

If you can get your bean around that information without immediately going outside and smashing your copy of U2s “Zooropa” into a thousand shining shards, you’re a better person than I. Any excuse to smash U2 records, be they your property or someone else’s, should never be passed up.

I don’t speak whatever crazy language this lady is singing in, but I do speak awesome and she’s fluent in that too. So if you have a large collection of U2 CDs that are just collecting dust on your (or someone else’s) shelf, you should buy this record and play it at MAXIMUM VOLUME whilst smashing them to pieces.

nb. Greatest Hits collections do not count as actual albums, but if you own them you should smash them up too. U2 have released twelve studio albums, five compilation albums and one live album so you better get cracking.

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