A horrible hack

B as in Bullshit

Untitled Hidden Jam

Year Released: 2014
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Emile Bojesen on Sep 24, 2014
Who are these weirdos!? Well, they are Russian and I guess they are named after the Bukowski poem of the same name but these arenít your average, cool dude, nice reference, get lost, kind of guys. They seem to think what they play is blues but that can only really make sense if every single blues record they had managed to get in Moscow had partially melted and also been repressed on with Eastern sounding saxophones. This is a seriously dense twenty minute fusion jam but one which comes across more with the sensibilities of Brainbombs than Mahavishnu Orchestra. Although thatís not to say there isnít a lot going on. These guys can play. This isnít bored punks doing drugs and recording the outcome. At least I donít think it is and my guess is that at least most of them are very well educated musicians. If it wasnít so primal and terrifying it would sound like something that might be more at home at the Barbican than some dirty squat. But no, this is definitely squat music.

B is for Bullshit are akin to Warmer Milks when they were making incredible records such as ĎRadish on Lightí or a more consistently striding Violent Students. That said, the closest comparison in terms of structure and range is probably Keiji Hainoís band Seijaku, who appeared and disappeared in 2010, with two incredible records showing what happens when Fushitsusha meet the blues (hint: its messy). Although this isnít the usual Collective Zine fare Iím bloody pleased they sent it in as this is one of the best recordings I have heard all year. And, if this does in fact turn out to be played by humans rather than permeating from some fleeting dark force existing under the streets of Bulgakovís Moscow, Iíd love to hear some more.

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