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Joanna Gruesome - Tyrannosaurus Dead


Year Released: 2014
Format: 7"
Label: Odd Box
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Oct 1, 2014
Wow here’s a review pile treat, and evidence that some DIY people do still get the C and think we’re worthy of sending in vinyl for. To Odd Box!

Joanna Gruesome give up “Anti Parent Cowboy Killers” and what a barn burner it is too. At work we have come to an unspoken agreement where someone puts on radio one or absolute 00s for one half of the day and I put on Radio 6 for the other half. This song I have heard on tinny speakers from 20 feet away on many occasions when 6 is playing. It’s a total belter from JG, reminds me a bit of the awesome first song off Rocketship’s “A Certain Smile” but with the punk turned up. Real good.

Tyrannosaurus Dead are a new one on me, but I need to fix this as this song is super. “Post Holiday Dead Song” is fed up indie rock that hits a fuzzy Promise Ring groove that the band are quite happy to muss up with a little bit of squall or a wandering guitar solo. The vocals are perfect mess and get lost very easily. It’s simple but effective, nothing challenging going on here just full on proppa indie rock for people like me. Was going to ruin this by saying “for people that don’t like good music” but I thought that was stupid and made no sense.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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