A horrible hack

Acre Tarn

Clasp and Shake

Year Released: 2014
Format: Download
Label: Tri-tone
Reviewed by Captain Fidanza on Oct 5, 2014
Echoes of Elizabeth Fraserís gentle, lilting vocals on the first few Cocteau Twins albums were reverberating round my head as the first few moments washed around the room as I listened to this, something that made me like it immediately.

The remainder of the EP was just as intoxicating an experience as those first few moments and whereas I can recommend this completely, the person who wrote the press release was almost responsible for me deleting the email it arrived in and pretending to AM that Iíd never received it. Here are some extracts:

Acre Tarn are the global collective mindset for the creative and the glorious, standing as two people yet representing a voice for a voiceless legion.

Acre Tarnís DNA is thumping with electronic precision, beating with heartfelt blood of to-the-bone songwriting and growling with sampling tenacity.

Their profound sounds feel like something from the delves of the subconscious, yet pang as being real with a wonderful ache; a lucid dream you could have sworn was more real than reality.

So in conclusion, you should make every effort to hear this music and whilst doing so, you should spare a thought for people like me who despite only getting £200 per review from Collectivezine, are forced to read some of the most idiotic writing imaginable.

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