A horrible hack

Ides of Gemini

Old World New Wave

Year Released: 2014
Format: CD
Label: Neurot
Reviewed by Sean Haughton on Dec 11, 2014
neurot recordings' roster is something i rarely delve into, mostly out of sheer laziness. YOB's near note-perfect 'clearing the path to ascend' being the first release i had heard since having to review amenra's 2012 release 'mass V'. while neurosis are unarguably one of the few truly unique bands in metal (and i still don't forgive myself for missing them play london a few years ago), what i enjoy of their label's output varies wildly. as a result of my apathy, i wasn't familiar with ides of gemini before now and was surprised to learn they share a member with the astounding black math horseman. 'old world new wave' approach leans distinctly more towards the meditative than BMH. while the vocals remain similar, the delivery is more drawn-out and the riffs are much more plaintive. the drums either a militant thud or hazy trudge for the most part. it's all competent and cohesive, but fails to really soar at any point. there's a lack of power in the record as a whole that i can't entirely place. as a big fan of black math horseman, i was hoping to really be knocked to the floor by this but i'm left wanting more volume and drive out of it.

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