A horrible hack

Swan Dive

Fly Toward The Sun

Year Released: 2014
Format: 7"
Label: Day By Day - Fist in the Air Records
Reviewed by Sean Haughton on Dec 12, 2014
okay so first thing's first, i normally don't mess up but this is a late one. i think i took this up in july. sorry swan dive. anyway: there's little information about them on the internet, but apparently this band involves members of dead swans, more than life and much-discussed current relapse signings nothing. given how popular i perceived all of these bands to be (i distinctly remember dead swans records being ebay gold for a period of time), i'm kind of surprised that there isn't more talk about this. musically this is pretty similar to nothing, if maybe a little poppier/more alt-rock. the press release quotes my bloody valentine (please can we have a moratorium on this ever being a press release reference unless you literally sound like 180db whale noise), but i see more of a catherine wheel thing in the title track (maybe even a little superdrag, but i could be reaching there). the next two kind of run along a similar line to a shorter, less fuzzed-out ovlov before it closes on a slow-burning acoustic song. it's pleasant enough and i'm sure i would have nodded my head drunk on a few beers had i ever walked into golden tea house and seen this play but it hasn't had me coming back to it and in all honesty i'm a little wiped out on this sound since every man and his dog started claiming a tenuous shoegaze/grunge genre tag. in fairness to these guys that's not their fault, and as i've mentioned this release definitely has a touch of catherine wheel/swervedriver about it and there's enough of a sonic link to nothing to have a lot of crossover, so if you're a fan i'm sure you'll enjoy this.

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