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Adolina - the Rabbit Theory


Year Released: 2013
Format: LP
Label: Whosbrain - Miyagi Records - Quiet - Kuistax
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Dec 22, 2014
I'm surprised no one snapped this up from the Collective review pile. A 12", sat there for a while. I had no doubt it would be decent. Adolina are from Belgium and play melodic indie rock. I really like the audio samples of a family at the beach on the first track. The vocals are sung/shouted. Not unlike the intense moments of Life Detecting Coffins; yeah I'm pleased with that comparison. The first track is largely instrumental but works well. The second is more traditional - driven forward Shotmaker style by the grooving instruments. The third and fourth are then similar to the second. Overall it's solid stuff for sure.

The Rabbit Theory have been around for a while and these songs are the last they will release. They also start with an instrumental bit before the vocals come in. It's decent but the band have always lacked something. The instruments aren't interesting enough and the vocals are a bit generic. There, I said it. After writing that, I must say that some songs do have their moments. 'Snowflakes, Trickle' borders on Sinaloa at times and everything comes together. Released by four labels, none of which I have heard of, and dedicated to a former band member Nino Kühnis.

22nd December 2014

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