A horrible hack

Graham Repulski

Maple Stag

Year Released: 2014
Format: Tape
Label: self released
Reviewed by Oli Saunders on Dec 31, 2014
Let's end the year with some Graham Repulski. Eleven songs containing his rather unique mixture of noise versus Guided By Voices. Y'know, sometimes I think this is actually Robert Pollard in disguise he's just fucking with us. The tape has many highlights: 'Fidelity Walls' is a solid start with great vocals; 'Rubes' is a phenomenal song which goes berserk after the intro; 'I See You' has the instruments playing backwards but ends superbly with the lyric 'And I told you it would be ugly and "I love you"'; 'Funeral Games' starts slowly but then erupts into a glorious finale; and 'Cartoon Meldown' gets into a lovely catchy chorus with fantastic jangling instruments. As usual, there's a bunch of sounds that make me ask myself 'why the hell would you put this on a music album?'. My Dad enquired whather something had gone wrong with the cassette player as I played out the last song. But by now you know what to expect and there's plenty to enjoy here.

31st December 2014

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