A horrible hack

Alerta Roja

Algo Esta Cambiando... Y Muy Violentamente

Year Released: 2014
Format: LP
Label: Lengua Armada
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Feb 16, 2015
A cool exhumation here that brings together a whole bunch o' stuff by Argentine punx Alerta Roja circa '82-86. The insert features an interview wherein they mention digging The Cure, (early) Clash, Joy Division and Magazine, and this about sums them up as well as I ever could. They have the whole gobby '77 thing going on, but they couple it with the dour, chilly vibes of Warsaw or the earliest Cure releases and I guess that makes this pretty darn timely considering the sounds many of today's punx are currently chowing down on. As well as being raw, rough and scrappy round the edges the songs are also incredibly catchy and ring with an authentic sense of rage that can be accounted for by the time, place and political situation they found themselves in. All-round it's cracking stuff, and whether you're a scholar of Latin American punk or simply want a bunch of awesome tunes to pogo to you certainly won't be disappointed.

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