A horrible hack

Bastard Noise - Bloodred Bacteria

From Zero To Hero And Backwards

Year Released: 2014
Format: 12" EP
Label: Streaks
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Feb 22, 2015
This originally came out as a CDR back in 2003. I don't have it, and even if you have it it's probably degraded to meaninglessness by now anyway. Both bands share the same side of this short 12", and things kick off with German grinders Bloodred Bacteria who I mainly know because they did a split CD with Japanese mentalists Swarrrm. I initially started playing it at 33rpm, and being the kind of beast I am I think it maybe sounded a bit better that way. When we switch it down to 45 things are still pretty boss, though, starting with a frenetic dose of grind before things get all hefty and lumbering, with some downtrodden, sludgified riffs and really neat guitar/bass interplay. Things kinda fade across to Bastard Noise, who do what they do so well. Initially I am hearing a broken alarm system and the whirring of an alien helicopter. Then I am hearing a grinding noise that makes me feel like my soul is being put through some sort of retro-futurist mangler. A caustic noise rings, and it could be the blood pounding in my ears or it could be the sheer terror of existence. I do not know. And nor do I know whether I want it to stop immediately or carry on until I am thoroughly consumed by it. Help? Please?

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