A horrible hack



Year Released: 2015
Format: LP
Label: Trujaca Fala - Contraszt! - Dogs And Vultures - Up The Punx
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Mar 13, 2015
Burnchurch is a cool word that is amusingly the name of a real place in County Kilkenny, Ireland. I can kind of guess the provenance of that moniker and it matches the politically charged music that Burnchurch (the band) are chucking out. Itís d-beat basically, letís get that out the way right now, so if you like that kind of thing (and letís face it, everyone does, even just a little bit, every so often), you are going to dig this. Speedy, efficient and dosed with melodies that is more on a palatable Tragedy tip rather than the deathly world-ending heaviness of His Hero Is Gone, this is a classy slab that certainly ticks all the boxes. Sometimes stuff like this is marked out by what happens when the d-beats arenít happening, with those little breaks and build-ups and guitar flourishes adding that personal stamp, and there are a bunch of those in action too.


Contraszt / Dogs And Vultures / Trujaca Fala / Up The Punx

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