A horrible hack

Black Panda

A La Caza Del U-666

Year Released: 2013
Format: LP
Label: Trabuc
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Mar 13, 2015
Black Panda are a new one on me, so putting my hand up for their LP was a bit of a lucky break on my part. Why? Because the thing is a right bloody smasher: a raging mix of fiery hardcore and balls-out garage rock action. Starting with a grandiose intro and one of several samples that pepper the record things swiftly get into gear with the sac-kicking shitstorm of 'U-666' which effectively sets the tone for things to come: rabid punk rock from the Crudos school of thought melded with the big, buff brawniness and wayward solos you'd ordinarily associate with Turbonegro, The Hellacopters or The Dwarves. For me the mix of rage and r'n'r hedonism is a pretty easy sell, and if you enjoyed the way Skitkids kicked you in the seat of the pants while scything off the top of your head then I imagine you'll enjoy Black Panda's wild ride at least as much as I do.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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