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ok. you can send us stuff for review, that's nice. but: please read our site first. we get sent plenty of records that have no place being reviewed on the C. there are other places on the internet that will be more than happy to review your records. we have plenty of people at the C who review the records that they buy, we are not desperate for your freebies to "fill space". please do not waste your own time (and ours) by sending us the latest rockhip-hopskametal fusion for review. call me closed minded, i don't care. i don't want to review your record.

collective is pro-diy. this is the stuff that i, personally, want us to cover. diy bands / labels / people and exciting, interesting music of any kind whatsoever. read our site, you will soon get an inkling as to whether we are interested in your kind of music. and if you can't be bothered to read our site, then why send us something in the first place? if the music you want to send is out of the box or is the kind of thing you think we'll enjoy, then go for it, but if you just send in something without paying any attention to what excites us then you can expect about this much shrift:


and a bitchy review. thanks.

note: regarding mp3 submissions, we can take these, but unless it is something i am very interested in covering, i can't guarantee a review. however, if it is an mp3 version of a vinyl release from outside of the UK, and it's the sort of thing that we get excited about on this site, then feel free to send it a long. you can find a contact e-mail address on the about page.

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