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Warstone - discography CD

added by Alex Deller on Monday April 5 2021 in New Releases

RSR have a 63-track discography from 'battle grinders' Warstone on the way. It sounds pretty gross.

link: rsrhap.bandcamp.com

Leatherface - 'Mush' LP reissue

added by Alex Deller on Monday April 5 2021 in Reissues

Call Of The Void Records have seen fit to reissue Leatherface's wonderful 'Mush' LP. Here's what add-ons you get this time around: "Fully re-mastered, this collection includes extensive liner notes featuring interviews with Frankie, as scribed by The Big Takeover's Jack Rabid, leaving no stone unturned. The release includes remastered bonus material via download, including a unique cover of 'Message In A Bottle' and 'Trenchfoot' from the 'Not Superstitious' 7" and 'You Are My Sunshine' and 'Dreaming' from the 'I Want The Moon' 7"."

A new Bloody Head release

added by Alex Deller on Friday March 26 2021 in Pre-orders

Hominid Sounds are taking pre-orders for the latest Bloody Head vomitation. Entitled 'The Temple Pillars Dissolve Into The Clouds', the LP features eight tracks of the Notts band's trademark sludge-psych-noise-dirge. Drink deep!

link: hominidsounds.bandcamp.com

Neighboring Sounds

added by Andy Malcolm on Friday March 26 2021 in New Releases

Neighboring Sounds from Bergen, Norway are bringing back those late 90s / early 00s indie emo sounds for people with nostalgia for bands like Starmarket and Fireside. The members have a pedigree in bands such as the Jack Herren Band, Kids Like Us, Crash, The First Cut, IOU and Bouvet. The single Spolia, recorded by Kenneth Ishak (Beezewax), was released by the Oslo based label Sound Fiction on all platforms March 19th - this autumn shows and more releases await. Check it out at the link below

link: neighboringsounds.bandcamp.com/album/spolia

To The Point - 'Reinventing The Wheel' LP

added by Alex Deller on Monday March 15 2021 in New Releases

Deep Six (US) and RSR (Germany) are teaming up to release 'Reinventing The Wheel', by power violence smashers To The Point. Details are relatively scarce, but it looks to be an LP compiling the band's first 25 songs.

link: rsrhap.bandcamp.com

Human Impact - 'EP01'

added by Alex Deller on Friday March 12 2021 in New Releases

Industrialised noise-rock supergroup Human Impact have just released a new eight-song EP. If last year's full-length is anything to go by, we can expect no shortage of grime, abrasion and general unhappiness.

link: ipecac.com

Kontaminate - 'Blood Hunger' cassette

added by Alex Deller on Friday March 12 2021 in New Releases

Quality Control have released a Euro edition of Kontaminate's 'Blood Hunger' demo, which originally came out via !!PM Records. The label says: "Five ferocious tracks that speed with the rhythm and intensity that are just barely in control, Kontaminate takes you on a wild ride for your life. With members from Jackal, Nosebleed, and Deviant, Kontaminate operates within a similar sonic sphere; albeit with a d-beat flare mixed with nods to first wave USHC. For the finale of the tape, Konaminate covers 'Crime For Revenge' by Ultra Violent to boot! Angry and direct, with no distracting bells or whistles. Artwork by Amy Dorian."

link: qualitycontrolhq.bandcamp.com