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Shut It Down - A Benefit For The Movement For Black Lives

added by Alex Deller on Friday September 4 2020 in New Releases

While your inbox is probably glutted with 'buy our Bandcamp stuff' messages today, here's one that promises to be sonically great while making a real, positive difference.

'Shut It Down' is a 46-band compilation that aims to raise funds for the Movement For Black Lives. It was masterminded by Racetraitor's Mani Mostofi, and the acts featured include Sunn 0))), Xibalba, Primitive Man, Chepang, Vile Creature, Disembodied and Rwake.

link: shutitdowncomp.bandcamp.com

The Body / Bummer - split 7"

added by Alex Deller on Thursday August 27 2020 in New Releases

Avant-metal titans The Body are releasing a split 7" with vile Kansas City noise-rockers Bummer. It is out on September 4, and promises to be indescribably ugly. You can listen to the Bummer track via the link below.

link: thebody.bandcamp.com/album/split-7

Faith - 'Live At CBGBs' LP

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday August 26 2020 in New Releases

Outer Battery Records is releasing a live set from DC hardcore act Faith. The set was recorded live in 1981 at CBGB, when the band opened for the Bad Brains. It comes out on September 19, and pre-orders are up now.

link: outerbatteryrecords.com

Snuff - 'The Wrath Of Thoth' 12"

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday August 25 2020 in New Releases

Crackle Records have just released a new seven-track EP by UK melodic punk stalwarts Snuff. The 12" was originally scheduled to coincide with the band's May 2020 tour, but now you at least don't have to worry about someone sloshing their pint over it at a gig.

link: cracklerecords.co.uk

Chain Whip - '14 Lashes' repress

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday August 25 2020 in Reissues

Drunken Sailor have repressed Chain Whip's excellent '14 Lashes' LP. If you like punk rock and haven't heard/bought this yet then do yourself a favour, eh?

link: drunkensailorrecords.co.uk

'Votive Offerings' compilation LP

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday August 12 2020 in New Releases

At War With False Noise have just released the rather ace-looking 'Votive Offerings' LP, which brings together a range of experimental acts from Glasgow. Covering goth, noise, post-punk and dark ambience you get tracks from Charity Murder, Vom, Schalken and Cursed Image, and there's a special box set edition which comes with various ritual items as well as a whole cassette of additional music.

link: atwarwithfalsenoise.com

Junior Bruce - 'Pray For Death'

added by Alex Deller on Friday August 7 2020 in Pre-orders

Sludgelord Records are putting out the cassette and digital editions of Junior Bruce's fourth album, which is merrily entitled 'Pray For Death'. Expect riffs, expect fuzz, expect misery.

link: thesludgelord.bandcamp.com/album/pray-for-death