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First two Ex LPs being reissued

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday July 14 2020 in Reissues

Superior Viaduct Records are reissuing the first two LPs by legendary post/anarcho punx The Ex - 'Disturbing Domestic Peace' and 'History Is What's Happening'. Nice!

link: superiorviaduct.com

Clock Of Time - 'Pestilent Planet' LP

added by Alex Deller on Sunday July 12 2020 in Pre-orders

Static Shock Records are taking pre-orders for the debut LP from Berlin punx Clock Of Time, which is cheerily (if rather aptly) entitled 'Pestilent Planet'. It's dark, moody and spiky - FFO the idea of folks from Diat, Vexx and Useless Eaters playing music that sounds like Joy Division and The Sound.

link: staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/pestilent-planet

A Blonde Redhead reissue

added by Alex Deller on Sunday July 12 2020 in Reissues

Touch & Go are reissuing Blonde Redhead's fifth album (and third for the label), 'Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons'. It comes on colour vinyl with some extra photos and stuff.

link: touchandgorecords.com

Engine Kid reissues

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday July 7 2020 in Reissues

Southern Lord have made remastered editions of Engine Kid's two full-length albums (1993's 'Bear Catching Fish' and 1994's 'Angel Wings') available via Bandcamp. Difficult, convoluted, tricksy post-rock was the order of the day - much influenced by Slint, and recommended if you're a fan of Gore, Iceburn, Gastr del Sol and Blind Idiot God.

link: enginekidsl.bandcamp.com/album/angel-wings

Wrong Speed Records

added by Alex Deller on Monday June 29 2020 in Labels

Joe from Hey Colossus has decided to turn his (awesome) blog, Wrong Speed, into a record label. The first releases will be a vinyl edition of Reigns' fifth album, 'The Walled Garden'; an LP from Acidliner entitled 'Red-1' and a newie from Sweet Williams called 'That What You Hit'.

link: wrongspeedrecords.bigcartel.com

The Stalin - 'Trash' reissue

added by Alex Deller on Monday June 29 2020 in Reissues

No real info on this, but there looks to be a CD and LP reissue of The Stalin's 'Trash' on the way from Political Records (the same label that released the LP way back in 1981). Hrm?

Brutal Birthday / Electric Frankenstein split 7"

added by Alex Deller on Sunday June 28 2020 in Pre-orders

Noise-rock act Brutal Birthday have teamed up with incredibly long-running garage rockers Electric Frankenstein for a split 7". It's out via Improved Sequence, and pre-orders are up now.

link: improvedsequence.bandcamp.com/album/electric-frankenstein-brutal-birthday-split-imp003