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Archers and Arrows - s/t
Archers and Arrows
Shattered Thought Records - Sums, 2010

Reviewed on Nov 10, 2012

Taking Ambridge

Shit Creek - Pissing Blood
Shit Creek
Pissing Blood
Drunken Sailor, 2012

Reviewed on Oct 30, 2012

mid-paced, three chordy oi/pop punk

the Wonder Years - the Upsides
the Wonder Years
the Upsides
No Sleep, 2010

Reviewed on Aug 25, 2010

Generic fourth-wave pop-punk is a no-brainer, right?

Ictus - Handmade and Homegrown
Handmade and Homegrown
self released, 2010

Reviewed on Jul 22, 2010

old enough to know better

Truman & His Trophy - Springinsguth
Truman & His Trophy
self released, 2009

Reviewed on Apr 19, 2010

Pretty good going

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