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East Coast Education

Year Released: 2014
Format: LP
Label: self released
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Apr 11, 2015
Clairmel - I love Clairmel. And End of the Century Party. So it was probably going to be a good end result for me when I found out there was band featuring members of both. As if such a thing would happen. But it has! Science! This is a record consisting of catchy, melodic punk, with the singer from Clairmel doing his thing over the top. Things are emphatic and energetic, kind of a little Assorted Porkchops-y in vibe (from Rights Reserved to Tonka and back). All the songs tend to be done in around 2 minutes and the whole album is done in 23, so this is good for those with less attention than average. My favourite track is the mid-paced “Never Stray” which really harks back to that beefed up 90s indie rock thing that Clairmel indulged in. And then there’s some, fast, skate punk stuff thrown in to spice things up.

We’re hardly talking groundbreaking stuff here, but what the hey, East Coast Education is a comfortable slice of familiarity, made by veteran punks who still are more than capable of banging out a quality LP. I expect very few other bands are making music like this in the mid 2010s, so if you miss the style, here’s your fix.

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