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Rob St. John - Woodpigeon

Trouble Comes | Young Sun

Year Released: 2015
Format: 10"
Label: Song, By Toad Records
Reviewed by Ted Reynolds on Sep 6, 2015
I think this might be the first time I've ever reviewed a band for Collective Zine that has its own Wikipedia page. This means half my work is already done - I may just copy and paste it over. So Woodpigeon (I looked up wood pigeons because I was sure they were a bit special in comparison to normal shitty pigeons, but they are not - with one exception - the New Zealand Wood Pigeon - a lovely bit of plumage there - also the Squatter Pigeon - a lovely looking bird - better than the one legged half dead ones that live in Wood Green (mind you - its hardly surprising, Wood Green is hardly the dream for the standard pigeon)) are a Canadian via Scottish band and are one for fans of Sufjan Stevens, Grizzly Bear and Scottish 'twee' indie bands. This is nice indie rock, gentle stuff but still powering along at a reasonable pace. Itís accomplished and top quality, tweeish but not annoying. I liked it.

Rob St John is like the Tindersticks, and is also good - obviously because the Tindersticks are good, and this isn't a shit version. Some great backing woahs, some lovely organ, and I am a fan of the song Young Sun. Would start or end a mix tape well.

I believe this is being released as a 10" and if you are a fan of high quality, interesting indie music then I would get out there and get it. Listen to it while watching the sunset over a Northern coastal town like Berwick Upon Tweed. Lovely.

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