A horrible hack

the Plurals

An Onion Tied To My Belt

Year Released: 2015
Format: LP
Label: GTG Records - Diet Pop Records - Infinitesimal
Reviewed by MH on Nov 5, 2015
The Plurals appear to be busy folk - this is their third album and they also run their own label in GTG Records. They're a trio hailing from Lansing, Michigan and play punky, fuzzy rock n roll - they sound like they're having a great time too. It's kind of catchy and melodic with boy/girl vocals leading the songs. There might even be more than the two vocalists - "Facebook" sounds like another set of vocals after hearing the first two songs. My deductions suggest that means all three of them take their turn on vocals. "Shrug" is a good song early on but I'm not sure I'll listen to this CD too often. On the whole, it's a little hit and miss for me and songs like "Red Lobster" are too far into the rock arena for my taste. However, songs like "Shrug" and "Fine" are pretty good and will be the ones I come back to.

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