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Otoboke Beaver

Okoshiyasu​!​! Otoboke Beaver

Year Released: 2016
Format: CD
Label: Damnably
Reviewed by MH on Feb 8, 2016
Here's something a little out of the ordinary from the Damnably stable. Otoboke Beaver come from Kyoto in Japan and play what they call Girl With Riot stuff and are a "Japanese girls 'knock out or pound cake' band" - their words. It's pretty energetic, almost hyperactive, and with changes of tempo and lots of yelling and shouting - all in Japanese as far as I can tell so I've no idea what they're singing about. There's four of them in the band and they all weigh in on vocals. One song on here features samples and scratching and starts off like a Beastie Boys song. The theme tune halfway through features riffs which remind me of Mambo Taxi. It's way more deranged and rowdy than that though. Most of this hurtles by at breakneck speed and they have similar energy levels to A Page Of Punk while you can tell they are influenced my the likes of God Is My Co-Pilot too. I have no idea what it means in English but "Anata Ga Falling Love Shita No Ha Watashi Ga Kirai Na Onnanoko" has a great song title and is full of rabid energy.

I don't hear much of this kind of thing these days so this is a nice change. I think it's the sort of thing that would translate best to a live setting as it's so full of energy and I reckon they'd be pretty entertaining. Looks like they'll be coming to the UK in April too.

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