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Grey River Lament

Year Released: 2015
Format: Download
Label: self released
Reviewed by Kunal Nandi on Feb 23, 2016
If I may be so rude, the three members of Lebrique look like they can remember the 90’s all too well. It sure sounds it, what with “Grey River Lament” sitting at the weightier end of the alt.rock spectrum, with a pummelling simplicity that evokes the vicious spirit of primetime Will Haven. Massive (and I really mean that), driving, negatively-charged riffs propel things along, and there are some nicely sung vocals in amongst the shredded shouts which remind me of the Deftones’ simpler moments. There’s plenty of melody at play and some meaty time changes, shifting into a satisfying churn at times. Lyrically and aesthetically it’s mordant, with a bit of a modern post-metal vibe to proceedings too, but it never disappears up its own bottom. Special mention must be made for the epic production job which sounds excellent with its burly bass and piercing guitars. A great start that serves as yet another reminder that I haven’t really grown up, so, er, thanks guys!

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