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Math and Physics Club

In This Together

Year Released: 2016
Format: CD
Label: Matinee Recordings - Fika
Reviewed by MH on Jun 8, 2016
Maths and physics - probably my two worst subjects at school. My Dad was so disappointed. I thought I'd give this one a listen as it came in from Matinee Recordings who i became aware of when they released new music by The Popguns a while back, and I've enjoyed the other indie pop bands they've sent in like The Hermit Crabs and Strawberry Whiplash. Similarly so here - it's pretty clean and light so if you like your indie pop a little rougher around the edges then this might not be for you but they write good songs and have a nice jangle to the guitars. There's something very Belle & Sebastian, both lyrically and in the arrangements, about songs like "In This Together" and "Movie Ending Romance, while the influence of The Smiths is pretty clear on "Graduation Day" and a couple of other songs towards the end. It seems this is a compilation of old songs (in reverse chronological order) but it works well as a standalone album for someone, like me, who hasn't heard them before. Worth a go if you like this kind of light and melancholy indie pop.

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