A horrible hack

Sex Prisoner

Tannhauser Gate

Year Released: 2016
Format: LP
Label: RSR - Deep Six - A389
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jan 19, 2017
To be honest I'm having a bit of a funny time with this. On the one hand it sounds great: nasty, gnarly, steroidal powerviolence that's been expertly melded to a deep, dirty metalcore aesthetic (and, when I say metalcore I mean proper metalcore like Disembodied, Earthmover, Ringworm and all that good stuff). In lesser hands this would be a complete and utter car crash, but in theirs it could feasibly be construed as 'Crossed Out gone Despise You'. On the flipside, of course, the band is called 'Sex Prisoner', which is not funny, not shocking and just not cool. Maybe there's some hyper-intelligent socio-political explanation for the name, but on the face of it it just comes across as a cockish bro joke that sits ill at ease with the kind of mentality I want from my hardcore punk.

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