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Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums

Better Friends

Year Released: 2017
Format: LP
Label: Fika Recordings - WIAIWYA
Reviewed by MH on Feb 18, 2017
This is Bill Botting of Allo Darlin playing some countrified folky indie stuff. There are friends along for the ride including members of Allo Darlin, Owl & Mouse, The Wave Pictures and more so it's a full band record. It's a good record too with a personal feel and a weathered slant to the lyrics. The melancholy and wistful opening two songs "Better Friend" and "Burning Bridges" make for a great start whilst "Know You When" is now the second song I've heard in the last few years that references Megabus trips - the other one being "Present, Tense" by Martha where someone's lucky purple lighter gets lost on the Megabus to Brighton. I could possibly name some more Megabus related songs if I thought about it a bit harder but my memory fails me for now. You could also dance to a few of the songs on here which are a little more upbeat and there's a cover of Paul Simon's "Graceland" along the way too - my Dad played that LP a lot when we were kids so I welcome this new version. It turns out that this is the last effort from Bill and the band as Bill is returning to his homeland, Australia, shortly. I've enjoyed this - I might even go and see him if he makes it to Brisbane.

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