A horrible hack

Jarnbord - Resonance Cascade


Year Released: 2017
Format: Download
Label: EveryDayHate - WOOAAARGH - Downfall
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Feb 21, 2017
Two lots of Swedish grind here on a split which has been aptly named for a medical condition having to do with oversensitivity to sound. Järnbörd are pretty intriguing. They play sample-strewn stuff that combines mad blasts of metallized D-beat, occasional Capitalist Casualties twists and, in the riffing, something that brings to mind the second ABC Diabolo album. It's interesting rather than great at this stage, but certainly stands out from the crowd and indicates plenty of future promise. Malmö's Resonance Cascade, on the other hand, are a more pedestrian affair. They play annihilatory, Blockheads-style grindcore that buzzes and snarls in on-point fashion but is ultimately hampered by a wafer-thin production job. Not a total write-off, but if and when I next hear them I hope it won't sound like a computer made their music.

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