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Godstopper - Grizzlor


Year Released: 2017
Format: Download
Label: Corpse Flower
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Apr 10, 2017
Godstopper's side of this is typically odd. The first song has the whole beaten-metal noise-rock thing going on, redolent of Helmet and Tar but with some wobbly melodies creeping in that recall the likes of Handsome and Arcwelder. This ends abruptly and kicks into 'Cellophane', which begins as a wan piano-led effort with sweet background vocals and then, mid-way through, becomes a big, bold thing akin to Jawbox going stadium rock.

Grizzlor, if memory serves, was one of She-Ra's foes – a big, hairy, stupid lunk. Fairly appropriate, really, given the kind of music this lot play: lumbering, snarling stuff that blunders noisily about and hollers its ruddy head off while doing so. The first song slouches seedily like a pervert playing pocket pool at the back of the bus, while the second is more energised and leaps gibbon-like from pillar to post. Cows, Janitor Joe and The Jesus Lizard spring to mind here, and while it's not the meanest or best-written noise-rock you'll hear this year it's worth a go-around and serves as a nice enough foil to Godstopper on the other side.

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