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Year Released: 2018
Format: LP
Label: Matinee Recordings - Fika
Reviewed by MH on Jan 6, 2018
Melancholy indie guitar pop here from Olympia and Seattle and a band that has been around for just over a decade now - this being their fourth album. It's all kind of light and airy with lyrical themes that are wistful and nostalgic with plenty of bittersweet lyrics about regret and disappointment. The Go-Betweens may be the most obvious comparison but there's something very-Real Estate about the guitar on tracks like "The Pull of the Tides". The real highlights for me on this one are the last two songs - "All The Mains Are Down" is a smart pop song and "Drive To You" is a lovely, restrained track that rounds things out nicely. There's something in the riff on that last song that reminds of "Song For Whoever" by the way.

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