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The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding

Year Released: 2018
Format: Download
Label: Southern Lord
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Feb 24, 2018
Enjoyed the first Centuries LP, and this one is a definite step up. The lingering impression is that they're one of those bands (see also: Planks, Baptists etc.) whose members skulked from the wreckage when everyone was getting tired of (a) stadium crust and (b) bands that sounded like Isis. While this might be untrue/unfair, 'The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding' features elements of melodic, crusty hardcore and shouty post-metal. Such influences have, though, been dealt with cannily, woven in with dynamic riffing, interesting twists, quieter moments and pounded octaves that could be a nod to either black metal or screamo, leaving the whole thing wide open to anyone who might be fond of names like Keelhaul, Tombs, Backstabbers Inc and Anodyne.

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