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Eerie Gaits - Dondadi

Anhonestain / In 4

Year Released: 2018
Format: Download
Label: Tiny Engines
Reviewed by MH on May 2, 2018
A couple of folk from bands here doing instrumental stuff without their bands and sounding very different to their respective bands. Eerie Gaits is John Ross from indie rockers Wild Pink. His track here is quite lovely - it opens gently like the breaking of day and then in comes some fingerpicked acoustic guitar over a distant synth and ambient sounds. Halfway through the track, the guitar gives way to the more ambient and reverby second half. Dondadi, then, is Connor Hanwick from The Drums creating a more experimental soundscape. The way the track has come about is experimental in itself with microphones placed around a room with a speaker emitting "a low level sine wave set to the resonant frequency of the room itself" (as per the press release) - during the latter part of the track there are 4 pianos playing the same piece at different speeds. The end result is both layered and minimal and it meanders its way along intricately.

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