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The Official Matinee World Cup EP

Year Released: 2018
Format: CD
Label: Matinee Recordings
Reviewed by MH on Jun 14, 2018
Football fever is engulfing my office right now in Australia - this means me and at least one other person are talking about the World Cup coming up. Good timing then as Matinee are serving up an EP of five football songs by five different bands. Last Leaves from Australia kick this off with a chorus replete with call and response vocals about how excited they are about the World Cup - trumpets too. Very apt. I’m sceptical about Australia’s chances though with too much reliance on an ageing Cahill. Red Sleeping Beauty from Sweden are up next with a more disco-y track featuring drum machine and synth with the line “Don’t you know that a goal can change your life?” Ain’t that the truth? Just ask Loris Karius. Sweden should do alright - it's a tough group they're in but they could qualify in 2nd, then maybe come a cropper in the knockout stages. The Royal Landscaping Society are from Spain and their song is called “2010” which is when Spain won the World Cup for the first time. It’s kind of shimmering and melancholy pop. Spain are in turmoil right now - should still do alright. England’s hopes are focussed on by The Popguns and this one is the most “football” football song on here - I’ve reviewed that track on here previously before the last Euros - it's got handclaps and everything. They’re hoping the right Harry Kane will turn up and not the one who kept stitching me up this season on Fantasy Football when I persisted in captaining him ahead of Mo Salah. Who knows how England will do - quarter finals maybe? The last song here is by indie poppers Pale Sunday from Brazil and is the brilliantly titled “Dirt Pitch Superstars”. Wonder how Brazil will do this time around. Probably hoping they don't meet Germany again.

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