A horrible hack

Ill In Pain


Year Released: 2019
Format: Tape
Label: Astral Noize
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Jul 14, 2019
Five tracks of coruscating grind-cum-hardcore from this Brighton band that's somehow tightly-focused and all over the place at the same time. The sound is thin and crispy as a Dr. Oetker pizza, while the band lob in lumpen crunches, tremolo-picked blasts and moments of tech tricksiness that remind you they can play. While it's all very modern sounding (think: Triac) I'm also reminded of the bands you'd hear around the turn of the millennium when screamo started cross-pollinating with metal more and more – bands like Employer Employee, A Days Refrain and others who maybe wanted Joshua Fit For Battle to hit a little harder, or simply took inspiration from Orchid sharing a split with Pig Destroyer.

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