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Golden Ghost

The Big Sleep: Future

Year Released: 2019
Format: CD
Label: Epifo Records
Reviewed by MH on Aug 16, 2019
Some quite beautiful folk here from Golden Ghost which is Laura Goetz from Castanets. It's her 5th album following a hiatus of sorts for the past seven years. It's something of a journey with the lyrics telling the tale of Little Rabbit travelling through lifetimes and universes - I may not have known this had I not read the PR blurb as it's not like the story is pressed home to you - it's not like this is "The Hunting of the Snark" or anything. The songs are, in the main, pretty long - four songs are a little either side of 10 mins long including the opener which sets the scene for the story. Musically things are restrained with ethereal, haunting vocals drifting over finger-picked acoustic guitar and ambient sounds and it flits between moments of fragile beauty and more experimental, ambient sounds backing the vocals. "Precipice" halfway through is a beautiful, haunting song while "Fata Morgana" is almost playful. Get comfortable for this one as it’s a long one and is best listened to from start to finish.

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