A horrible hack

Trigger Cut


Year Released: 2019
Format: LP
Label: Token Records
Reviewed by Samuel Rogers on Sep 29, 2019
This trio from Germany blast out a great mixture of classic noise rock and post-hardcore. The singer/guitarist was in Buzz Rodeo, and the sound of the new project is complementary but distinct. At times, forceful drums are in front, and guitar falls back into fuzzy distortion. Next minute, we get on-edge guitar patterns running things (somebody please invent a different word for “angular”, and I’ll happily use it). Obvious comparisons are to the golden age of Dischord or Touch and Go Records. Less obviously, some elements reminded me of End of a Year’s Disappear Here (2004) – especially in the vocals, which range from talking-singing to unrestrained yelling. The frontman is generally good – just a couple of stray moments where the lyrics needed work, or the wordless howling became annoying. One larger complaint: the album isn’t quite as well recorded/mastered as it deserves to be. This makes no sense, because the bassist (who mastered the record) was also a technician for Buzz Rodeo. Their records sounded much cleaner, so he must know his stuff. Regardless, this record is worth checking out!

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