A horrible hack

Magic Eye - Zed Penguin - Le Thug - Plastic Animals


Year Released: 2015
Format: LP
Label: Song, By Toad Records
Reviewed by MH on May 4, 2020
Is it ok to write about something five years after it was sent in? This one got lost amidst a move from England to Australia and a spot of decluttering the other day led to its re-discovery. I remember wondering at the time where it went...then I forgot about it for five years. I guess we are quite loose on deadlines. Anyway, this one is a split 12" featuring two songs each by 4 bands from Scotland. The tracks by each band are separated - so, not one after the other. Le Thug are the only band I was already familiar with - their songs are shimmering, ambient and dream-like - particularly "Sense (In Scotland)" which is over 13 minutes long. Magic Eye from Edinburgh do something laidback but still in the realms of dream-pop - interesting guitar work on their two tracks. Things are more driven with the two tracks from Plastic Animals - probably the older and noisiest style amongst these bands and nicely melancholy with vocals deeper in the mix. Zed Penguin then play two tracks that are both dark and a little offbeat.

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