A horrible hack


Dream or Don't Dream

Year Released: 2020
Format: LP
Label: NoYes Records - Darla Records
Reviewed by Thomas Strawbridge on Aug 7, 2020
This is an indie rock record in every respect, like the nineties have been packaged in a box, shook up and poured out – and the result is the opposite of plasticine brown, it’s a full fucking rainbow of musical colour just like the cover. Too fast for shoegaze, but with a production that borders on grunge at points. Solos in every song because…well, you’re supposed to, right? Nice clean vocals – bit high in the mix for me, but I know I’m picky about that so whatever. Guys who’d probably bleed Superchunk if you cut them.

This is great, but by track 6 I’m wishing things were maybe dialed back a little as the songs have crept up to 5 minutes and feeling a bit baggy. Kestrels oblige, but unfortunately I really don’t like track 7 – Dalloway - still, 1 duff track in 10 is not too shabby, and maybe it's better to hit a low in the middle of an album, and then lead into Keep It Close, which is my standout track.

I can forgive the press sheet (I mean seriously, what is the point in this shit, do people copy/paste meaningless trivia in reviews because they can’t be bothered to actually listen to music anymore?) because this is just good fun. And then there it is: the long song to close the album. I was expecting it. Its cliché, but my foot is still tapping along and I’m getting ready to pick back through the whole thing. This is a good album, thanks!

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