A horrible hack

Big Laugh

Manic Revision

Year Released: 2020
Format: 7"
Label: 11PM
Reviewed by Thomas Strawbridge on Aug 28, 2020
Well this is alright, isn’t it? Raging hardcore, no sign of a frill anywhere, and heading angrily towards powerviolence territory. Not something I’d usually go for but that does not stop it from being any good in every respect. They refer to their blend of hardcore and punk as ‘truly original and unprecedented’, which I suspect is youthful zeal rather than true, but when you’re good, you’re good, so there's leeway on the hyperbole.

This is out as a 7”: four tracks, two per side around 8 minutes total. Long enough to leave a serious impression, but out the door of the party having drunk all the beers and fought everyone like a whirlwind. There's an even split on side one with both tracks under two minutes and no let-up in sight.

Side two gets you the shorter No Embrace, which starts with a more punk edge before giving a perfect example of how much range and content you can get into just over 1 minute. Fazed is back to nothing but fury for two minutes before moshing out without vocals for to the end. And breathe.

While less melodic, this reminds me a lot of the Harbour 7” as an overwhelming force of anger, and I’m really enjoying it. They reference bands like SSD & Heresy on their bandcamp bio so if that’s your territory definitely check this out. Hell, if you like fast music give it a go – this absolutely deserves a listen. I think a last shout is needed to the recording and production here which has been absolutely nailed. Great stuff.

Recommended record by Collective Zine!

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