A horrible hack

Supreme Commander

Tooth and Nail

Year Released: 2019
Format: CD
Label: Basement
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Nov 19, 2020
Another one of those albums that's been waiting for me to find the right moment to get the ole writing gears clicking. That said on their bandcamp it reveals this album has been "Five years in the making" so I can see we can empathise with each other on pace of movement. Sidenote: initially I thought this album was actually released by Tooth and Nail but it seems that's the album title instead. A momentary raised eyebrow.

This is tightly wound melodic hardcore drawing on elements from bands such as Dag Nasty and Swiz. Oh and there's a Minor Threat cover at the end if you needed any further confirmation on where they were coming from. The guitars are thick and chunky, vocals are urgent and just the right side of gruff, and they speed through 10 songs in a mere twenty minutes. It's perhaps a little predictable and wears it's influences on a sleeve that has since been roughly hewn off to create a makeshift vest, but for twenty minutes this is a thoroughly enjoyable blast.

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