A horrible hack


A New Militance

Year Released: 2019
Format: 10"
Label: 1859 Records - Different Kitchen
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Nov 21, 2020
Abolitonist roar back with another release, and here they appear to be wanting to abolish long songs, kicking out 8 in a mere 12 minutes. "Nope" is the only one that manages to crack the two minute mark. Get in, get it said, get out again seems to be the ethos. A note on the back of the record says "Written in February 2017, following the 2016 presidential election", no doubt they will have plenty more material in mind following the past few weeks. The final song in particular seems particularly relevant lately, "When the war is over, the real work begins. It it over? Is it over? Is it really ever over?". I am never the best at figuring out lyrics but this seems to be a concept album regarding a feminist revolutionary war. Musically this is solid, mid-paced melodic hardcore punk, it's not going to astonish you with new ideas but you could level that accusation at swathes of bands we write about here, it's generally not a priority for us. I think there is still plenty of room for this kind of music, and the delivery of straight to the point, angry at the world lyrics that you get with this release.

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