A horrible hack

Bas Rotten


Year Released: 2020
Format: Download
Label: To Live A Lie - WOOAAARGH - Ragingplanet - Ring Leader - Loner Cult - Abnegat - Aim Down Sight - Destroy It Yourself - Hecatombe - Hexerei - Lower Class Kids
Reviewed by Alex Deller on Dec 28, 2020
Tell me about a band with an atrocious punk rock pun for a name who've released a record chock-full of dorky samples and I will automatically grit my teeth, fix a scowl and set my brain to HATE, so it's kind of annoying to have my prejudices bucked with this one. 'Surge', see, is actually pretty darn good, even after you've taken all the junk aspects into consideration. Bas Rotten (fuck's sake) deliver a meaty, thrashed-up slice of heaviness that draws from Power Trip, Punch, Left For Dead and Integrity, thumping relentlessly away in such an enjoyable, engaging fashion that you can almost – almost – forgive them their occasional sillinesses.

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