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Saturday Looks Good to Me


Year Released: 2003
Format: 7"
Label: Audio Pants
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Now there's an appropriate title for me. Anyway, Saturday Looks Good to Me, new 7". Title track is from the fantastic LP on Polyvinyl. "Alcohol" is a suitably fuzzy scuzzy 60's pop number that will be appreciated by giddy kids who get their dancin' shoes on for the likes of Dressy Bessy. It features girl vocals that aren't deplorably cutesy nor ridiculously screechy getting all nice whilst guitars and other less familiar instruments that cropped up on 60's pop songs squirt and burp the melodies. "Listen to My Heart" follows it with more of the same, with reverberating production and a bit of organ. It's slower but equally as endearingly lo-fi and cheap sounding. Spin your dance partner round and around your room in an ever-decreasing circle then fall in a heap and cuddle when the song ends too suddenly. Flip the 45 over and you have a song that sounds nothing like this band. Kind of like when Lovesick did that reggae (or something) song. "Nervous" is fizz-pop electronica with a bit of guitar and some quiet vocals thrown in. Very very nice. Drifty. Yeah. Nervous is me all the time lately. Eek.

Fred Thomas IS THE MAN.

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