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Bedford - The Super Eighteen - Floatation Walls - Sometimes Seven


Year Released: 2000
Format: CD
Label: Microcosm
Reviewed by Ian Cavell on Jun 13, 2007
Woah, 22 tracks clocking in at a shade under 70 minutes. This is one chunky split CD. But, it's also slightly trying on the patience when half of the CD just passes you by.

Bedford are, without a doubt, the stars of this CD. Its a shame they lost the guy who used to do all the screams but even so, these guys sure know how to write a mean pop song. They have five tracks here and I enjoyed every song. I think they have an album out on this same label so my advice would be to get a hold of a copy of that. That way you don't have to endure The Super Eighteen who take all the worst elements of those strange pop bands that hide in the darkest corners of America (Jessica Six would be a great, if completely unknown example), make them worse and call them songs. Blargh!

The Floatation Walls are another band I didn't really get anything out of but luckily these guys are at the end of the CD so I could turn off before my ears started to complain. This band could be on Tooth & Nail, they're THAT bad. The first song sounds like Bedford with added guitar solos and a little more eccentricity. The second just sounds dreadful and it's downhill from there on in.

Thankfully, Sometimes 7 readdress the balance with six super nice pop songs. Nothing flash, nothing vastly original or anything (but since when did that ever matter?). Just really solid, 100% catchy pop music. Yeah, I like it!

Not the greatest release ever but some nice moments from Sometimes 7 and Bedford.

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