A horrible hack

Gregor Samsa


Year Released: 2003
Format: CD
Label: Iodine Recordings
Reviewed by Andy Malcolm on Jun 13, 2007
Ooh, this is tasty. This is very tasty. 3 gorgeous tracks of understated post rock, meandering along serenely for almost half an hour. And it's something I can get lost in very easily. Most impressive is that the 3 tracks do not blend into one, as could have been so easy with such a style of music (and something that Sigur Ros fell foul of on their most recent LP). The 3 songs are all distinctive, with their own elements that set them apart from each other. I can't seem to find a name for the songs though (more Sigur Ros), which is a bit offputting. The opener is quiet and eases it's way between all out quiet to a warm pulse and back again throughout the song. The entwined boy+girl vocals remind me of Ida, and the post-rock is easily comparable to Mogwai and that other band who I mentioned twice already. It's also the shortest effort on here, clocking in barely at 7 minutes. Tsk! Lazy sods. The second track kicks off with shimmering electronics. Wow. Glacial. Three minutes in they introduce the delicately distant vocals and it's a trip from there on in. Special. Again, it builds up to lofty peaks with the associated valleys thrown in for good measure. Gregor Samsa then round things off with the 11 minute long 3rd track that does nothing to ruin the feelings that the prior songs created. Again it features the basic premise of building up from nothing into a wall of noise (blame Slint), before collapsing into a heap of nothing. I reckon that if the guitars were less clean and there was a dude crying you could even compare the noisy emo part to Indian Summer. Heh.

I enjoyed this a lot, having never even heard of them before I slid the disc into my CD player. The packaging (card box shielding the plastic case with 3 sheets of tracing paper as an inlay) is pretty sexy too. Neato. Keep your ears out for these people in 100 years time, because they make the perfect soundtrack to space travel.

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